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promotionOnce your web site is up and running, it's time to tell the world about it. Promoting your site and making sure people can find it is no less important than having an appealing site. The fastest way to draw traffic to your site is to register it with major search engines and directories that draw 95% of the site traffic from the web. If your web site is created by NetServe, it will automatically be promoted to all these  major search engines and directories.

  How does search engine work?

Search engines collect information about sites via automated software called spiders (or robots). When a user submits a query to a search engine, the search engine returns a list of sites, ranked by their relevance to the query's keywords. How search engines assess the relevance of words depends on how the specific engine works, it is hard to predict.

However, many web sites developed by NetServe are listed on top of the search result page on most of the major search engines. How can we do that? It lies in our extensive knowledge about search engines and our years of web programming experience. If you have a web site for a while, but not getting the response you expected from the internet, call our web consultant for a free evaluation. We'll help you to improve your ranking.

Directories are the yellow pages of the Web, similar to a telephone listing in the yellow pages.  We'll register your web site in the most relevant category and make sure it can be found in a favorable position in the search result pages.

Web site promotion is one of our value added services. It is free of charge to our customers. If you have a specific search engine or directory in mind that you want us to promote your web site to, contact our web consultants for instructions and quote. The service of promoting your site to 400 plus search engines and directories is available for a reasonable fee.  

Major search engines and directories

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