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At NetServe, we work closely with the client during all phases of the development process. Client involvement is the best way to insure a successful web site. We approach development of a web site, whether six pages or a hundred pages, in the following manner:

Preliminary conference with the prospective client—either in person or by telephone, for the "long distance" project.

Based upon this conference, NetServe submits a detailed proposal to the prospective client outlining site content and cost—always based on measurable unit.

Upon approval by the client, a contract is signed between NetServe and the client which includes: The date of completion and final payment, the terms of payment (traditionally, the client pays 50% upon contract signing and 50% upon completion before the site goes online), and any special instructions that pertain to the project.

During the time in which NetServe prepares the example pages, the client is responsible for gathering together all materials needed by NetServe to complete the project.

NetServe develops and creates the web site, all the while making the developmental site available to the client at a private URL.

NetServe provides a basic registration of the site with all major search engines, plus any supplemental search engines specifically requested by the client. (A more extended registration is available at additional cost. Usually, however, this is not necessary.)

Periodically, NetServe makes changes to the web site to keep it "fresh" and to encourage the search engine "spiders" to continually visit the client's site.

As a part of NetServe's pre-development dialogue, determinations will be made as to the various elements that will be used in developing the site. NetServe uses standard web development techniques and programming. For a more detailed treatment of some of the elements that can be incorporated into your web site, please contact one of our internet consultants.

NetServe will be happy to prepare a preliminary quote on the development of your web site. To receive such a quote, please contact us info@nsve.com.


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