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Plan A Plan AA Plan AAA Diamond
Monthly Charge ( Semi-Annually) $39.95 $49.95 $69.95 $149.95
Monthly Charge ( Paid Annually)
10% discount (
Saving Plan )
$35.96 $44.96 $62.96 $134.96
Hard Disk Storage 80 MB 120 MB 160 MB 200 MB
Pop3 E-Mail Accounts
5 10 50 100
Monthly Transfer 2500 MB 5000 MB 7500 MB 15 GB
Free Domain Registration X X X X
Microsoft® FrontPage® Extensions X X X X
Anonymous FTP X X X X
CGI-BIN Directory X X X X
Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding X X X X
Monthly Maintenance X X X X
Active Server Pages (NT Only) X X X X
Telnet (UNIX Only)   X X X
Access to Log Files X X X X
Unlimited FTP Updates X X X X
Web Trends   X X X
Real Media     X X
SQL Server     X X
Cyber Cash     X X
E-Mail 2 Fax/ Fax Mail (Available Soon)     X X
NetShow *     X X
Account Setup fee (one time charge) $45 $45 $65 $65
Web page design Call or email us
Basic page revision once a month, where you supply text & graphics for update. $20.00 charge  for additional revision. X X X X
Promotion to top directories and search engines on the Internet. X X X X
The Internic Domain Registration Fee. We apply for the domain name for you free of charge.* $35/year

* Note: The InterNIC will charge a domain name registration fee of $70.00USD, which covers 2 years period.  After the 2nd year they will charge $35 per year.

14866 Central Ave., Chino, CA 91710
Tel: (909) 597-8828, Fax: (909) 606-3883
Email: sales@nsve.com


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