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BS00865A.gif (2933 bytes)Over the years, we have accumulated a good deal of expertise in web design and a variety of related disciplines. We are happy to share this knowledge with our clients for a reasonable hourly fee. Actually, you'll get some consulting for free, as a natural part of the site planning stage. We couldn't help you plan your site without sharing some of what we know, and we are glad to do it. But we are also willing to go beyond that as separate service, enabling you to get as much additional guidance as you want from a source you've come to know and trust. Once a site is up and running, some clients want us to handle all the work of maintaining it. They want nothing to do with it. That's fine, and usually a wise decision on their part. We are happy to do these chores for them.

We create an experience for your web site visitors that will serve their needs as well as your own. What kind of an experience is that? Visitors to an informational web site want to find what they are looking for fast. If you can offer them more than that, so much the better — but only if it does obstruct their ability to accomplish their business and leave.


  Web Page Design 

Many people use the term "web page design" when they mean "web site design". That's fine with us — we do both. But there is a difference. For any serious web player, the days of the one-page web "billboard", when a "home page" meant the entire site, are long gone. But unfortunately, terminology has lagged behind reality. There is a lot that goes into good page design — color, text content, text properties, graphics, layout, interactive elements, other functionality, links, multimedia and more — all integrated into a whole, with a unified style and theme, that works both esthetically and functionally.

Web site design includes web page design, but also includes global properties of the site such as linkage structure, directory structure, database integration and so forth. The truth is, if site design is poor, page design cannot be very good, because the functionality of the pages depends on the integrity of the site structure. So we prefer to speak of site design. But if you prefer page design, that's fine with us — we do it all.


  Web site Maintenance 

Once your web site is on the Web, the work is not ended. As your company develops new products, services, promotions and strategies . . . as your competitors make moves to which you must respond . . . as Web technologies evolve . . . your web site well need updating to reflect these changes. Also, you may want to add more material on a regular basis simply to keep your site more interesting and valuable for your visitors, to keep them coming back. Whatever your maintenance needs, we can handle them for you, so that you can focus the energies of your company on the things that you know how to do best. After all, who could be better qualified to maintain your web site than the professionals who created it and put it up in the first place?


  Web site Development  

Developing effective informational web sites requires expertise in page design, graphic design, copywriting, database programming, Java, multimedia and more. It also requires . . . an understanding of the business functions to be performed, as well as marketing principles, web culture, competitive strategy, technological trends, etc. the ability to synthesize all these into a coherent concept, and to coordinate the activities of a variety of creative individuals so as to achieve an integrated, functional embodiment of that concept in the finished web site.


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